Keyon_La_Don7Keyon La Don was born on February 3, 1984 in Detroit, Michigan. She has always been fond of writing, but it wasn’t til she fell in love with music when her creativity took control. She was inspired by her brothers, rapper, Famine, and rapper, Black Chemical. Though she had little faith in her skills, as she matured, so did her lyrics.

In 2002, Keyon graduated high school and finally came out of the closet to her family. It was a difficult time in her life, but she was no longer trapped from being her true self. During the summer of 2002, Keyon began meeting other lesbians in her area. Not being familiar with the lifestyle, it took her some time to find herself as a stud verses an individual. During her new found lifestyle, she experienced many heartbreaks and failed relationships. The only thing that saved her, was her music. That year, Keyon began writing about her dating experiences with women. It started off with just 16 bars, and soon, she had full songs. Not only did writing help her mentally, but it helped her emotionally. Music was like therapy for her soul.

From 2004-2006, Keyon continued writing. She wrote songs like “Stay Fly”, ” I’m Fine”, and “Nothing”. In 2006, Keyon created her first music page on Myspace and received many praises for her “Stay Fly” song.

In 2007, Keyon wrote a song called “Strap-On Magic”, which was a provocative song illustrating her ability to please a woman with a sex toy. Keyon’s first live performance was in December 2007, when she performed “Strap-On Magic” at Palladium. She was nervous at first, but as she began rapping, it felt as if music was what she was born to do.

By the end of 2008, Keyon was ready to take her talent to a new level. She began working on an official mixtape with Producer, Fatal the Hitman. In October of 2009, she released her mixtape, “Unclaimed Stud”, which included “Beat It Up”, “Good Stud”, and “We Can Go” featuring Detroit vocalist Aaron Lamont. The mixtape received much love & support from LGBT communities from about the country.

After the release of “Unclaimed Stud”, Keyon started her own music company called Hits Tree Entertainment LLC.

In the summer of 2012, Keyon La Don performed at Ferndale’s Gay Pride & Hotter Than July’s Gay Pride Event, where she performed a mixture of new and classic songs. At Ferndale, the crowd enjoyed her songs “Walk on the Moon”, “Damn Girl”, and her own version of Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close”. While Detroit event-goers enjoyed songs like “Strap-On Magic” and “Got That Talent”.

In 2015, Keyon released a mixtape called,“Know Me Now or Forget Me Later”, which consisted of a collection of her journey to success from 2013 and beyond. Her first single from the album, “Stud Passion” featuring Alabama female vocalist Hunnye B, is now getting raving reviews from her fans.

Keyon La Don, along side of her Manager, Adraine,  is now taking the necessary steps to pursue a career in music. Her goal is to become a songwriter and establish herself as a well-known openly gay rapper.  As she continues to grow mentally, emotionally, and musically, she focuses on expanding her songwriting skills beyond rap. She is currently writing R&B, Rock, and even gospel songs. Her plan is to team up with other talented musicians and create a phenomenal compilation album featuring her songs.

Due to the increased negativity and cop brutality that circulated through the media in 2015, Keyon took a six month sabbatical from social media in order to focus on self-development. During this time away, her personal journey unintentionally sparked a new album. Her first single was a christian version of Young Thug’s “I Know There’s Gonna be Good Times”. After recording such a positive song, she gained a momentum, and created more profanity-free music with powerful messages. After creating a collection of forward-thinking songs, she came up with the perfect name for her project, “GROWTH (Growing Ridiculously Obsessed With Transforming Humanity)”. The project provides thought-provoking topics, profanity-free content, and as usual, flow versatility.

Keyon believes this is the perfect time for her to shine. She believes she has the ability to create music that is not only for the LGBT community, but for everyone. Her focus is to expose creativity and diversity among hip-hop, grow her fan base, and maintain a successful record label, Hits Tree Entertainment.