Christian Woman Rants About Rap Music

This angry christian mother of four has gone viral from her rant about Vince Staples’ song, called “Norf Norf”. Apparently, the song came on the radio while she was in the car with her children, and she was applauded by the song’s content. In the 11 minute video, she gets pretty emotional while reading the song’s lyrics.

Here’s the bottom line, rap music has been criticized for as long as it’s been around. People who don’t like it nor understand it, are totally against most of the rap music today. People are entitled to their own opinion. And to be honest, this woman has a right to feel the way that she feels. Honestly, more people should be applauded by some of the music that’s being released. I think the problem is, people rarely actually LISTEN to the lyrics. They hear a dope beat and a catchy hook, and that’s enough for the song to become popular. Which means those are the two key elements to having a “hit song”. You don’t need music talent, lyrical ability, nor skills. All you really need is “marketability”. But I digress…

The fact of the matter is, most rap artists are not role models, nor do they try to be. People need to understand that there is a huge difference between “rap” and “hip-hop”, and they need to realize they have a choice in what they allow themselves to listen to. If you don’t like a song, don’t listen to it, turn it off, don’t support the artist. Music artists will NOT make better music if you do not DEMAND better music. If their music sales and concert sales were to dramatically decline, and more people voiced their opinion on their content, guess what would happen? They would try a new approach.

Right now most of the rap music on the radio all sound the same; it’s just a different artist, different beat, but the same rap style & content. With all things in life, you have to fight for change. If you want artists to care about the content of their music, DEMAND IT. Too many listeners areĀ rolling over and just going with the flow. It’s time to broaden your horizon and stop poisoning your minds with some of the filth that’s being played on the radio.

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